Terms and Conditions – Radiation Safety Ireland Training Courses

All training courses must be paid for in advance either through the issuing of an official purchase order, payment on line by electronic banking, or payment through the online booking system on the website, www.radiationsafety.ie Radiation Safety Ireland may refuse to provide a training course or to issue certification following a training course if the course fee has not been paid in full.

All training materials, powerpoint presentations, course notes and online training materials produced by Radiation Safety Ireland are the property of Radiation Safety Ireland and can’t be reproduced or used for commercial purposes without the prior formal agreement of Radiation Safety Ireland.

Video or digital recording of remote, online or classroom based training courses or copying of the content of such courses is strictly prohibited.

Formal certification is provided by Radiation Safety Ireland once a candidate successfully completes a training course. An individual may not claim to have completed a training course provided by Radiation Safety Ireland unless formal certification has been provided by Radiation Safety Ireland.

The maximum number of persons who may attend a classroom based or remote training course is 10 people from the same organisation. Costs for classroom based or remote training courses are per course.

Costs for online training courses are per person and each individual wishing to undertake the online training must register for the online training course individually and pay the course fee online.

Classroom based training courses and remote training courses will be facilitated either by Dr Elaine Doorly or by another suitable trainer approved by Radiation Safety Ireland.