Legal Requirement for Radiation Protection Training

Regulation 35 of the Radiological Protection Act, 1991 (Ionising Radiation) Regulations, 2019 requires that appropriate education, training and information in the field of radiation protection is provided for all employees (or students / apprentices) working with sources of ionising radiation. In order to assist our clients in complying with this legal obligation, Radiation Safety Ireland can develop and provide in-house bespoke training courses at your site or provide training courses online or remotely for your convenience.

A range of training courses can be tailored to suit specific client needs and can be undertaken in-house, remotely or online, as follows:

Radiation Safety in-house-training


on your premises at a time that suits your operational needs. These are conventional, classroom based, one day training courses that are facilitated by Radiation Safety Ireland. Up to 10 persons may attend the training and the training day can be combined with a compliance assessment on site and a radiation dose rate survey around relevant equipment on site.

Remote Training


facilitated by Radiation Safety Ireland through applications such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex or similar. This remote training option allows a number of participants from the same organisation to attend the training course at the same time, remotely, from home, or from their workplace. Up to 10 persons may attend the training course. Courses can be run over one full day or two half days.

Online Training


undertake the training with complete flexibility, and at your own time and pace, whenever and wherever suits you. Simply log in to the online course and begin your learning experience. Full support is available from Radiation Safety Ireland to answer any questions you may have or explain any learning concepts in further detail.

Learning Assessments and Course Certification

Learning assessments are undertaken as part of all training courses and certification is provided by Radiation Safety Ireland following the successful completion of all courses. Certification is valid for three years at which time refresher training should be undertaken.

Our Training Courses

Radiation Safety Ireland can address all your radiation safety training needs through the provision of our in-house, remote or online training courses. Examples of such training courses are as follows.

The course content of the above radiation safety training courses can be amended or combined to create a bespoke training course to fulfil all of your organisation’s training requirements. Radiation Safety Ireland’s training courses are recognised by the EPA and include formal certification after completion of the learning assessments at the end of each module.

For more information, a quotation or to book a training course please e-mail or alternatively book on line through the website.

Radiation Safety RPA Services

Radiation Protection Adviser Services

The Radiological Protection Act, 1991 (Ionising Radiation) Regulations, 2019 (SI 30 of 2019) requires that all businesses working with sources of ionising radiation have arrangements in place for consultation with a 'Radiation Protection Adviser' on certain matters.

The Radiation Protection Adviser must be a qualified expert who has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as being a competent person to undertake this role. They must be in possession of a valid Certificate of Competence by the EPA.

Radiation Safety Ireland provide a full Radiation Protection Adviser service to assist persons working with sources of ionising radiation to comply with this legislation. Ongoing technical advice and guidance as well as a range of practical services can be provided as follows:

  • Radiation Protection Adviser Service
  • Radiation Compliance Audits
  • Radiation Safety Procedures and Radiation Risk Assessments
  • Radiation Dose Rate Measurements and Surveys
  • Leak Testing of Sealed Sources
  • Contamination Monitoring
  • Radiochemical Analysis of Radioactive Materials
  • Lab and Radioactive Waste Clearance Surveys and Certification
  • Development of Emergency Intervention Plans


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Radiation Protection Training Services

There is a legal requirement under the Radiological Protection Act 1991 (Ionising Radiation) Regulations 2019 for radiation protection training for all persons who work with sources of ionising radiation or X-ray equipment. Radiation Safety Ireland is the leading provider of radiation protection training services in Ireland and offers a wide range of training courses to fulfil client needs. Courses can be provided in house on the client’s site, remotely via Microsoft Teams or online at a time and date that suits you, offering complete flexibility over how and when the training is undertaken.

Radiation Safety Training


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Radiation Protection Training Courses include

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